I feel Awkward admitting I watched an MTV Show

I am really ashamed of admitting I watched MTV’s Awkward for all of its 5 seasons… But at least now I can tell you all about it and spare you the pain! It’s a teenage show about a girl, Jenna Hamilton, who in the first season has a kind of a bathroom accident (not like that) and people in her high school think she tried to kill herself and so she becomes an instant celebrity. Enter high school drama. Lots and lots of it. Continue reading “I feel Awkward admitting I watched an MTV Show”


VH1 has made a TV show and it’s exactly what you would expect

220px-VH1_logonew.svgHey, remember VH1? It was like MTV but for your parents? Well, apparently, it has changed quite a bit since the last time I have watched it and, like MTV, is producing fictional shows. Oh and we are the target group now.

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An introduction to Community

There acommunity_leadre a lot of people who say that a TV show has changed their lives – just ask all the Whovians and Supernatural fangirls for example. And here’s me and the show that’s changed my life. Now, arguably, I would’ve graduated university with whatever topic I had chosen for my master’s thesis, but I chose this one. I chose Community.

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