Schloss Hellbrunn

Schloss Hellbrunn is a palace in Salzburg that was built in the 17th century. It’s a “Lustschloss”, a “pleasure palace” and as much as this sounds like the rich organised their orgy parties there, officially it was where the rich organised their fancy parties (an orgy may or may not be included). This one was built by an archbishop as a “day villa”, where he could chill during the day before returning to the city in the evening. So imagine having a day house that was just for playing with your friends. And imagine it looking like this.

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Weekly Prompts – White

There isn’t a lot of white in my life. I don’t wear white clothes and if my shoes have anything white on them it’s gone in about a week, stifled by the dirt and dust of city life. But every now and then I see a building and it’s so perfectly white despite its surroundings. It seems futuristic. It’s too nice for the world we live in now, but some day, in some utopian future, maybe everything will be this sleek and clean.

Economics University in Vienna, by Zaha Hadid

A post for the White Photo Challenge.

Harry Potter Exhibition

So there I was in Valencia last month, walking around being a tourist when a random Platform 9 3/4 appeared next to a subway station. This is weird, I thought and proceeded to take pictures with it.

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Wow, this is a lot darker than I expected it to be, my boyfriend said while we were watching the new mini series Catch-22. I thought it’s going to be a funny comedy like the book.
I told him the book is dark. If you don’t think the book is dark you haven’t really glanced through its humour to see its bloody, depressed, traumatised guts.
It turned out he hasn’t read the whole book and stopped somewhere past the first fifty pages. I shook my head and threw him judging glances as we continued to watch. The series is so short, we watched it over the course of a weekend. And while it is good and funny and brutal, it is very hard to adapt such a book for TV (or whatever streaming sites are calling their shows). It still did a fine job even if it leaned a bit towards the darkness, especially in the second half.

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Budapest Parliament

The Hungarian Parliament is the most famous in the world, said to me once a Hungarian girl I used to work with and I thought really, girl, cause I have no idea what you are talking about. But I am not an architecture expert and when I google most famous parliaments, there’s the Hungarian at the top spot, so there you have it. It appears that I am the ignorant one.
I have to say, this exchange happened before I had ever been to Budapest and a few months later I went and the massive white Gothic building on the bank of the Danube was there not caring about what anyone thought of it. It knew it was the boss.

High above Copenhagen

The Rundetaarn or Round Tower in Copenhagen is one of the nicer towers I’ve ever climbed. Not only is it roomy it also has no stairs. I repeat, no stairs to remind me I’m not doing enough cardio and to make me question if I have claustrophobia or if it’s normal to feel a bit disconcerted while being out of breath in a small space tens of meters above ground.

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King Samuel of Bulgaria

It’s been some years since I’ve studied Bulgarian history in school and even there, it was never a particularly favorite subject of mine. But still, there are some stories that one remembers long after the school test has passed. One such story is the one of the Bulgarian king Samuel. He ruled right before the time that shit hit the fan with Byzantium and we disappeared from the map for 300 years. Anyway, he was a mighty king who fought a lot of wars until he sent his army to fight the Byzantines in 1014. They lost and 14 000 soldiers were captured. The Byzantines proceeded to blind all of them (by bringing burning hot swords to their eyes). They left 1 out of a 100 soldiers with 1 eye, so that they could lead the army back to the king. When the blinded army returned to Bulgaria the king saw them and suffered a heart attack. He died shortly after and I have been traumatized ever since I learned about this in school.

There is a statue of king Samuel in the center of Sofia, which is relatively new. A lot of people made fun of it when it was first revealed because its eyes glow in the dark. I haven’t seen it in the dark yet, but his eyes do look very intense during the daylight too.
At least he has eyes… unlike his soldiers. Might as well show them off.
Too soon?
Come on, it was literally a thousand years ago.


Sometimes in Vienna you don’t even have to go out to find beautiful places, you just have to look out the window. I took these pictures from the window of my dorm 8 years ago. I was not going out often during the year I spent at the dorm, except for the occasional lecture or for work. It didn’t bother me though, because the view from the window was so nice that I wasn’t feeling closed off. The dorm doesn’t exist any more. They turned it into a hotel with a rooftop bar that I visit sometimes. Every time I am there I remember living in the small double room on the third floor, sitting at my desk with a cup of coffee, listening to music and looking out the window. It was very … peaceful.