It’s my birthday week (it’s not weird, I’m a grown woman) and after going to an Ice Cream festival on Saturday, I wanted to do something equally interesting on Sunday. As the Ice Cream festival wasn’t all that interesting, the bar wasn’t overwhelmingly high. And so, on Sunday I got some börek and went to the last stop of the U2 – Seestadt – with my book, my outside blanket and my easily impressed boyfriend. The district is actually being build right now and will be finished in some years. It’s coming along really well and I could tell it will be a trendy, fancy new area. The See itself had clean looking water, many little fishies and one enormous orange fish (that I could see). We managed to conquer the territory under the only tree on the hard, stony beach and eat our börek. It was actually pretty pleasant and I am excited to see what they build in the coming years. I hope they do something about that stony-ness of the beach…

I’m thinking of ending things

I can’t remember the last time I read a book written by an author I’ve never heard of. With so many books being published every year and so many books that have been published in the past which I haven’t read, I can’t afford to pick a book at random. A couple of weeks ago though I stumbled upon a review of this freshly published novel – I’m thinking of ending things by  Iain Reid – and I couldn’t resist buying it. The title was the first thing that grabbed my attention. For me, it was obviously about suicide. It then becomes clear from the first couple of sentences of the book that it’s about breaking up. The nameless narrator of the book is driving in a car with her new boyfriend. They are on the way to meet his parents in their farm. All the while she is thinking of breaking up with him, but she isn’t sure yet and can’t bring herself to do it. They talk a bit, about philosophical questions and things that have happened to them in the past, but mostly, the book is made out of the woman’s thoughts and her memories. You experience everything from her perspective and very soon you start to notice that something is very wrong. It’s not one particular thing, even though the fact that someone has been calling her from her own number and leaving her strange messages  is the most obvious problem at first. But it’s not just that. It’s little things that you may notice or may miss, that, page after page, fill you with a sense of dread and unsettle you.  Continue reading “I’m thinking of ending things”

I feel Awkward admitting I watched an MTV Show

I am really ashamed of admitting I watched MTV’s Awkward for all of its 5 seasons… But at least now I can tell you all about it and spare you the pain! It’s a teenage show about a girl, Jenna Hamilton, who in the first season has a kind of a bathroom accident (not like that) and people in her high school think she tried to kill herself and so she becomes an instant celebrity. Enter high school drama. Lots and lots of it. Continue reading “I feel Awkward admitting I watched an MTV Show”

This is the gallery you need to see in Bratislava

It was the summer of 2012… I think. A friend of mine was doing summer school in Bratislava and I visited her on her last day there. I had been to Bratislava once before, that previous winter, doing the general touristy things – walking around in the cold, searching on the map for the things I want to see and convincing the other people of my group that it’s in this direction, guys, I am sure of it, come on, it’s not thaat cold. Taking unnecessarily long routes, drinking mead for the first time on the Christmas markets, having arguments defending gay marriage, taking pictures of buildings I knew nothing about and sitting in obvious coffee shops. You know, things like that. The second time was very different because I explored the city with people who have actually…explored the city before – the summer school friends of my friend. Continue reading “This is the gallery you need to see in Bratislava”

The accidental trip

For Valentine’s Day I really wanted to go to Melk. I’ve wanted to go there ever since I found out there is a beautiful library there. We planed the trip with my boyfriend, my friend and her boyfriend. We were all on time and had our tickets…but it turned out that the ticket we got wasn’t good for the train we wanted to take (I blame the bad website for not being more clear on what the ticket covers).We were sent to another train station where we could take another train to Melk… but we missed it by two minutes.  Continue reading “The accidental trip”